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Search Engine Optimisation is important and should be worked into your websiote from the design stage and throughout the creation process. It's a big subject and many companies pay out a fortune to SEO specalists to get them good rankings.

We'll advise you and optimise your site as it's built. The main thing to worry about is Content. With property the buzz word was always, Location - Location - Location. With websites it's Content - Content - Content. It's a simple matter really, if someone is searching for a product or service you provide, Google or other search engines will look for the sites with the most relevant content and we've got to try our best to provide what they're looking for.

Meta tags.

You may have heard about meta tags, these are for the search engines and not seen by the visitor to your site. There are two main ones we should use. Title (The most important) and Description.

It is very important. The title displays in the top of a web browser and in the search engine result pages (SERPS).

A good title should always include keywords and these are best placed at the beginning of the title. If these keywords match a user’s search query, they will be displayed in bold.

Length is important. Google will limit titles to 70 characters, so count your characters including spaces.

The meta description tag is most useful it gives search engines a short description about the page.
It won’t really improve your ranking, but it can still be useful because it is used on search engine result pages.

Words that match the user’s search query are highlighted in bold. That’s why a good page description which includes important keywords may appear more relevant to the user, tempting them to click on it.
The length of a description is recommened to be 160 characters.



Content Is King, This is the most important part of your website and the part that you are the expert of. This is real search engine food and exactly what your visitors will be looking for. Write informative content written for people to read, meanining interesting not just stuffed full of keywords for the search engines to find. If you write interesting content you won't go far wrong.



Keywords can be a single word or what's known as long tail phrases. If you sell Tyres an obvious keyword would be Tyre or Tyres, yoiu could expand to be mre descriptive by adding a phrase like "Low profile tyres" "Heavy duty tyres".
So keywords can in fact be phrases. The easiest way to think is, What would a customer type in if they were looking for your service, product or website. Do a test search in the Google to see what the competition is like. There are special web tools that will help you find keywords like Google Adwords Keywords Tool. Time should certainly be sepnt finding keywords and working them into your Content, Title and Page Descriptions.

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