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Website Planning

Planning your website.


Planning is vital. There's an old saying which is so very true.

Fail to prepare - Prepare to fail.

Think of planning as to prepare. If you plan properly you'll be much more likely to build a successful website that will truly benefit your business. So lets look at some guidelines that will help you along, it really is well worth putting the effort in at this stage.

  • What is the reason for having a website ?
  • What are the goals of the website?
  • Who will your site attract, who is your targeted audience ?
  • Website content, What will your visitors be looking for ?

1. What is the reason you have a website ? Perhaps you will be providing information on services you provide or products you sell.

2. What are the goals ? To present information,  make sales or perhaps to get visitors to fill in a form to generate a sales lead.

3. Who will your site attract ?  Is there a certain age group, male or female, these factors will help in the final design of your website.

4. Just what content will you be presenting to your visitors, hints & tips, product or services information ?

Draw Up A Site Map.


Once you've worked your way through the above steps it's time to draw up a plan and develop a site map. It's at this stage we can decide the number of pages required and how they will be linked to the home page. This will give you a chance to develop a clear navigation system which your visitors will use to easily find their way around your site.

Designing Your Website.


Now it's the fun bit you can look at the visual layout. Are there any colours that your company uses in it's branding ? Do you want a slideshow at the top of the page ? Do you have a company logo that you will use ?

Bespoke Email Accounts

 Email Accounts

Decide which email accounts you'll need,
eg: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
These will look much more professional than a hotmail address.

callMJM Webs
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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